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Finding a Home Builder on Roatan

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Many people decide to build their dream vacation or retirement homes on Roatan, a Caribbean island of Honduras.  Are you looking for a construction company on Roatan that specializes in home building or commercial construction?  Are you looking for architectural and design services?  Finding a reputable, qualified Roatan home builder is important before you sign a contract. offers choice of general contractors to land owners wanting to build homes or commercial buildings on Roatan.

General Building Contractors - Roatan Construction


Martinez Construction
Darryl Martinez
One of Roatan's larger builders - residential and commercial.
Alexander Construction
Alexander Campbell
Whether you want wood or concrete, we can build them according to code. We also specialize in earthquake and hurricane homes. We build commercial buildings as well as residential homes and condos.




Types of Roatan Building Contractors

Some companies offer the construction of new homes and commercial buildings; others offer design services such as the preparation of architectural plans in addition to general contracting. Roatan construction companies vary from small operations to professional firms. Check the building contractors' websites featured on before making your decision on which of the Roatan builders you will use to construct your home or office in Roatan, Honduras.


Building Your Home on Roatan

Roatan is a beautiful tropical island with stunning views of the sea with its shades of blue, lush vegetation, gorgeous sunsets, and hills giving spectacular vantage points.

When choosing your building site, however, keep in mind that home construction takes longer on Roatan than it does in the United States.  Building materials are not as readily available and the selection is more limited.   The rainy season (which occurs during the winter of the northern hemisphere) slows construction projects to a halt at times.  Getting permits from the government and doing business here can be time consuming. One thing that speeds your home construction on Roatan is having a builder that knows the industry here and who is familar with the government requirements.  Roatan building codes are being revised to keep up with the growth in building and to preserve the island's value as a tourist attraction.

People fall in love with this island.  Investors have found building on Roatan to be an excellent investment with the upward climb in Roatan real estate prices.  Look for Roatan builders on for your Roatan construction project!

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